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Intro2Electro for Him


An Intro2Electro electroplay power pack created specifically for the needs of a Man Not just the great Series 1 powerbox, but also fantastic conductive rubber electrodes designed for connecting our E-Stim power box direct to the most sensitive areas of the penis.

E-Stim is very popular with our male users, and its easy to see why. Our fantastic Intro2Electro pack has everything a man might want to start exploring the pleasures of the E-Stim world.

Starting with our most popular Intro E-Stim unit the Series 1, we have added pair of adjustable highly conductive rubber loops, together with all the cables need to connect everything up. The conductive rubber provides a smooth effective contact without any of the usual 'hotspots' common with metal rings, giving an electro experience that is out of this world. The pack is ideal for solo play but is just as much fun when you give the control unit to your partner.

Once you have the Series 1 power box, you can then start to expand your experiences with our wide range of other electrodes and insertables.

The Series 1 is designed to give you complete and total E-Stim control. As well as giving you multiple modes, each mode can be manipulated during play to achieve a totally pleasurable electrosex experience. Why use fixed and repetitive modes that become so boring after a while, when you can twiddle and tweak your subject to electroplay heaven? Each colour coded control knob adjusts the output in so many subtle ways it's impossible to describe them all.

The controls are tactile rubber knobs with prominent pointers. There is no need to squint at the box trying to decipher what mode or level you are on, all the controls are designed to work by feel alone, although the bright 'power on' and 'output active' indicators give you obvious indications as to what is going on.

Multiple Modes
The Series 1 can offer everything from a hard thrusting pulse to the most gentle tickle (and every variation in between) all from the simple twist of a control knob. At one end of the scale it can feel like thousands of fingers running all over you skin, at the other end Hercules has come to play! Continuous mode (it should have been called continuous pleasure!!) moves away from the driving pulse to offer a smooth sensation that yet again has all the control you need. The unique Fire button, takes the Series 1 further into the realms of electrosex pleasure control. connect your subject up, adjust the controls and hit the fire button. Whether they stick to the ceiling or have an orgasm on the spot depends on the subject and how high you have the controls set to..the choice is yours.

Continuous and precise control.
The smooth stepless controls, unlike other entry level units or TENS devices, are easy to adjust and give you just the right levels of flexibility. All 3 modes have the option of Pulse Feel, which changes the sensations from soft and smooth, to a more tantalizing spiky tingle.. and back again. Used with the conductive rubber loops the pulse feel control can give a hard squeeze sensation.

The stepless Output Level control is easy to find, smooth and reacts quickly to any adjustment. So you can drive the output up just to take things over the edge, and then drop it backdown...perfect if you are trying to keep right on the edge! The output level ramps from 0 to 100% and you turn the control giving you total control. You will probably find you use the lower levels to start, but eventually you will find you want more… and the Series 1 doesn't run out of steam just when it gets interesting!! And if you turn it up just a little bit too far a quick twist brings the output level safety back to zero, no need to press a button 15 times!!!.

Pulse Mode
Pulse mode gives you the option of a slight pulsing tickle to a hard driving pulse, the exact level is your choice, but the ability to change the pulse rate, ensures it never become boring.

Fire Button
The fire button is what makes a Series 1 so special and so far no other manufacturer has been able to copy it!. It creates a whole new dimension to electroplay, especially in the BDSM environment. Wire your subject up, adjust the settings to the level you desire.. and then???? nothing. Nothing happens until you press that infernal fire button. And then... watch the fun begin!!. Could it bring them over the edge? only you will know.

Multiple outputs offer multiple possibilities.
The single channel dual output allows you to use more than one electrode at a time, sharing the pleasure across multiple points. From anal to cock play to anything else you can think of (playing below the waist of course), our range of electrodes coupled to the Series 1 give you a never ending range of possibilities. And if you really want to use adapted TENS style electrodes, we even provide adaptors.

Battery Powered

The Series 1 is powered by a single 9V PP3 battery. Easy to replace, so there is no need to wait while something 'recharges', just keep a spare in your play bag - and we even give you a battery to get you started.

Complete and ready to go
Your Intro2Electro™ pack is supplied in a custom made carry case, together with connection cable, a battery, a pack of sticky pad electrodes, conductive rubber loops and of course a comprehensive manual. Everything you need to get started is there.

Safety and quality
Don't forget all of our control units are designed and built in the UK to the latest UK and EU safety regulations by us, and developed with in built safety features such as AC output and current limiting. Unlike some imported e-stim units all of our power boxes are CE marked, and covered by our own exclusive lifetime guarantee.


High Brightness LED's indicating Activity and Power On


Mode Selector, Output Level, Pulse Feel, Pulse Rate, Manual Trigger (Fire)


Single Channel Current limited pulsed AC output driving two industry standard 3.5mm mono sockets

Power Supply

Standard 9 Volt Alkaline (PP3) [Supplied]

Battery Life

Depends on load, but estimated at around 4 days with continuous use!!

Dimensions (approximate.)

145mm x 80mm x 50mm

(5 3/4" x 3 1/4" x1")

Weight (with battery)


Supplied Accessories

1 3.5mm to 2mm output cable,
1 PP3 9v Battery,
1 Pack of Self Adhesive Electrode Pads,
1 Set 2mm Conductive Rubber Loops.
1 Custom Protective Case,
1 User guide


Lifetime (Power Box)

Denna sexleksak inkom i vårt sortiment den onsdag 15 maj, 2013.
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